We are wonderful. Here is why.

It takes time and effort to be wonderful  It also takes resources.  We thought we’d share some of the programs Complete Care has to support each and every person we work with so they can support each and every one of the people we serve.

The "Why Not" Philosophy

Too many times in hospice the question is why would you do something or other.  Why do that lab?  Why provide physical therapy? Why go to the trouble?  We don’t subscribe to that philosophy.  We ask, “why not?”  If it’s legal, and not too expensive, why not?  To our way of thinking this is your Medicare benefit.  You should be able to help decide how the resources are used.

M.A.D. Money

This stands for Make A Difference.  We provide the opportunity for staff members to have an allowance so they can do nice things for our patients without needing to go without themselves.  Sometimes a person needs a nursing visit, but sometimes that visit is much better if it’s accompanied by a strawberry shake.  It’s the little things really.

All meds, not just some meds

Complete Hospice is just that: complete.  We treat the whole person, not just a disease.  It is our goal to work with you to make sure you are a part of all decisions, and that we adequately treat your symptoms to make life better.

Celebrate Everything

We mean everything.  We make it a point to sing happy birthday on birthdays, eat cake,  and enjoy every moment.  It’s perhaps one of the most important things we do.


Knowledge is power.  Education takes resources.  We provide educational opportunities for all team members.  The more they know, the better your care will be.