The Be’s

Be Great

Be a good nurse, social worker, or nursing assistant.  In fact, be great at what you do.  Complete Care hires excellence, and beyond that we stand out of the way and provide all the tools and resources each of our teammates needs to do a great job.

Be Compliant

All hospice are paid by Medicare, and Medicare requires all of us to follow the rules.  We're sticklers for the rules.  In fact we drive the speed limit when people aren't looking, and we always use the crosswalk. 

Be Nice

This should be a standard of life.  Nice feels better than not nice.  It really is the little things that mean the most.  We pay attention to the little things.

Be Wonderful

This is where Complete Care really shines.  We're more than just the wound care or medication change.  What can we do to make it better today? We want you to really think about it.  What could make this moment a good one? Our question isn't why would we do something for you.  Our question is why wouldn't we?